If you are not familiar with the subject check wikipedia first .

Now here is my approach if you look at the test and you know a few things you can like my me hobby dabbling scientist put a few aspects together wich is what i did . So let say when you look at these tests to me they do something to the brain  what most of these doctors never ever thought about .

Our brain is symetric meaning both sides are reflected 100 percent and you will have a picture. If the test remains in black and white here is what happens first the brain is forced by input through the visual cortex to snycronise the picture it is overwhelmed with input so where the picture meets in the middle information appears . Lets look at the word  “IN FORMATION” something is in form so what the brain does in order to understand the data it has to simplify the information it conceptualises it for inner or outer analysis.So when the image stays just in ink the brain does not have enough dimensional depth to analise the information .SO here is my take assuming the brain is a hyperdimensional or Multidimensional  receiver sender projector ,there must be a way to get information that lies within the subconscious if it is presented without a concept that logic can perceive. Like in Quantumphysics if you observe a particle and expect a certain behaveyour then you already projecting your levels of expectation upon the experiment and assuming further you create reality then the particle has no way of showing its true nature . It would be bound by our rudamentry level of expectance basically what we would allow ourselves to witness due to our conditioning ,kindergarden school work society and different comercals and collectives bombarding us with info . The way we where imprinted by our parents from 1 to 6. That has to to how your mind has been primed or programmed to digest information so that it can handle the data.Si i looked at water and the research of DR. Masasru Emoto . He found out that water stores information meaning if you through vialant projections at it it loses taste biovitality and much more but if you play loving music to it and project kindness in its direction the biovitality rises . Afte 30 years of research if can proove that by showing it physical reaction (Google that for mor info.) So i took a waterbucket filled it with regular water and played classical harmonious music to it . So to speak to bless the water  with my intention begging it like a sorcerer to reveal it´s divine information .  Here is my advice if you are not doing that you´ll get nothing readable out this experiment . So water has a interwoven interdimensional dynamic structure always moving . So i thought how would i make a thought visible in the brain . Imagine a tiny electromagnetic cloud or burst that comes in and blends with the background noise of the brain wich i would call cross chatter . So i a meditative state the background noise becomes calm ,when taken Entheogene substances like shroomz or Albert Hoffmanns invention controlled and we would look at the brain activety we would perceive that the brain the left and the right hemisphere begins to syncronise . Thus moving us into a super focused state meaning expanded consciousness.

So i said to myself how can i make that visible for the observer wich is sober . meaning the pictures i create or take are happening as follows.  You have the water bucket prefably a big one and you played your music for some time and the water sits still . You then take colored ink like red or blue or green that pick dark colors to get better outlines . Then get a just a droplet of color in the bucket or maybe to or three watch it kind explode and blend with the clear water . Wait a while so you have  a better spectrum for taking pictures with a cam at least 10 megapix . The take pictures randomly as much as you can until you can´t add any more ink and the water becomes to dull.  You want to put some white paper behind the glass bucket and then inderect light behind it . And behold the picture looks different for everyone i showed it to and you can even change the picture mentally by changing your thought and emotions because they are the control mechanics of your entire being . I believe this is only the begining of what is to come 2012 the we will whitness throughtthe suns magnetic flux flip a syncronisation of the entire human race. Not everone will be ready for this but it is happening . What i have displayed can be displayed in eeg ,mri elctromagnetic field observations healing supernatural powers are all linked to how synced is your brain operating . I also believe that a lot of shizophrenics in treatment have prematurely synced brains and therefore they are of course overwhelmed with input . We have look at patients that say they talking to dead people or that have ET contact or move objects .Many of us all around the world will come up with similar concepts. We have to look at Autism from a completely perspective . I believe and have witnessed my self that when your brain is 100 percent operational and synced it is able to tap into any dimension possible and is able to produce biochemical compounds to stop aging and heal all ills . Like a jesus or holy man effect once the blessed one or as i would say synced one enters the room  the electromagnetic presence is felt and the people around all of a sudden feel very good or feel love because he puts them in resonance with his being . SO love or light or lifeforce has a lot to do with magnetic resonance . This field has to be explored more in depth .  Remember in those “funny movies” the wierdo put magnets on his head or makes a aluminum hat so the “ALIENS” can´t read his thoughts.

These things do not come from nowhere . Well i experiment i find things .   A few things that work for people i have found so far      check “Arcturian Healing Modules”  .

and finally here is one of myunderwater paintings called  “Avatarian Knowing ”   play with that.




RAAvatarian knowing

Please feel free to post what you see in them so i can further my research .