I recently been experimenting with how to bring my body into a higher vibratory state or Photonic state .

With just surrounding myself with certain purified or Photonically enhanced subtances . So one night i used the sacred oil of Forgiveness by Glenda Green and the sacred touch oil of wisdom.  I ate light then i placed my Dreamgate application (Still working on the system soon on display) it will be called the RA Dreamgate and it Photonises about 2000 sqm very powerful, anyway i placed it under my bed .  I went to sleep and behold … i was taken to a possible timeline in the future wich is a basically an option of holographic experience we could share . It has to do with how we feel about that and if really can accept that within our evolutionary growth  process my friends and i were standing outside in the middle of what looked like a city center type place and i saw a black hole in the sky and people kept wondering whats going on the black hole began to grow and it seemed like it was consuming the entire blue sky and all light until everything went totally black . It got silent no sound there was a void . We did not move we sat in place meditated stayed in our hearts and waited . Then the sky opened back up and it was a Rainbow lit sky in ways i have never experienced .We were in ohhhss and ahhhhss crying beings beginning to recognize each other we fell into each others arms Looooovvvveeeee allllll over the planet and the universe and we made it . I looked to the ground and it was filled with diamonds sparkeling in all colors one could imagine and more . All angels sang the entire Universe was playing a gigantic Awakening Theme that touched all our hearts.  The feeling i had being there i cannot put into earthly terms . I am no longer afraid we are on our path and its been a long one . More now then ever i listen to my heart.  The crossing is very real . When i woke up that day i was emotionally so flooded that i cried tears of joy all morning . It took me 4 days to get my self together and at east a week to write about this event .For once i was heard and fully understood felt in all ways possible and forgiven i was my cosmic self i could open my wings and all loved my being the same and i loved them like my greatest love of all we where one again fully connected .

Second part of my vision was that earth was spinning backwards and it was xlr8ting and i was trying out new things like levitation and stuff that i ca´t describe . While i was there i new exactly what i was doing .My loved ones reader and beings from all over i am convinced the golden age is here and i concentrate on that .LOve Live sing dance create art …let the galaxy know we earthangels are emerging there is no stopping when the light returns. We are beyond.   Namaste  Ra