I am open for sessions if you want to book me  30 min 50 dollars 60 minutes double the donation fee.  What i do i use unusual methods to Heal activate and see what syncronisation we can make happen for you to realise . Give the listener a session by listening to what he or she has to say listening to the under current in your voice i am able to profile what you are really saying without you saying . We sometimes do that . Give you insides beyond regular tarot or astrology . Finding out what you resonate with within you . Making sure you find abundance in you having your needs met . How you control your lovelife by learning what self love is passion of self and commitment to things you love and to be honest and open about it. Training you so you can do your ascension work naturally.  In the ancient times the healer did a good job when the to be healed being didnt have to return. Then the job was done . Nevertheless Healing can always be enhanced and or upgraded.  If you do not feel any results in sensation body and or mind within the first thirty minutes we stop and you do not pay. I am authentic we do not beat around the bush we go to the root of the matter . In that way it is assured we do work in the light in the open thus balance within you is maintained or better recalibrated according to your spiritual maturity . Every one is a maji trust your feelings.


For further information contact me on my site go the section COntact fill out the form and we will take it from there.


When it resoantes i will hear from you .     ENjoy your experience .

Infinite LIght

Arcturus RA


DOnation fee’s i except on my site in the donation section .     😉