Science has found out that the highest level of communication amongst cells is light/photons. The higher brain states besides firing synapses and shooting neurons across its own network is photons. Life forms such as the human DNA emit light photons . Also they attract negative ions when healthy. Some scientist call them BIONS. SO a healthy organism under a Biophotonic emitter shows a healthy and well balanced light aura . So this pendant the DHJEDI Masterkey is made out of brass and is Gold plated to add gold ions to the picture . The ancient Khemites (Eyptians) new very well to download Bio cosmic information to stay in awareness. So the constant projection of a conscious field is keep your divine IQ up and thought’ s clear and a non violent state of being not having to meditate all the time. Jewelry in the past had a energetic aspect to it more then nowadays just glitz and glamour. To raise the DHJED is to raise awareness within and remembrance of the original ways of a magi shaman or Pharaoe as server and navigator of the people.Russian scientists have long before found out when the DNA is introduced to a healthy light spectrum with polarized photons it begins to repair itself like self aligning software.So the highest information/food you can introduce to your body,merkaba,vessel is light then everything else. Shield yourself from things that have an effect on your system such as EMF or radiation of any unlit source even microwaves. IMprove well being thinking heart brain harmony with this device. Available now. In my store .