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If you feel like your dying or your life is in ruins or nothing makes sense anymore.
Do not worry this is your old Neural Cultural Operating system acting up . It is just a phase and it will for sure pass. As the earth is going through changes so is your body because you are born on this planet you are made out of the same molecules so of course your feeling is in resonance with the times .But trust me nothing can happen to you . Just be disciplined with yourself. If you don´t like your old job no more then change it will do ya good.Change your eating habits .Eat lighter less fatty stuff drink green tea clean your system.Get into minerals and vitamins. The thing is simple be here in the now experience the moment for what it is become the observer. Everything you experience is unconditional . We have to stop living in our thoughts we have to stop living in the past or the future. Once we arrive in the here and now the miracle of clarity begins . You will be fine again you will remember that you are here for a reason . You are important . That you have found me is reality that you made possible . Everything is in sync. Even when some of you see double diggits on their clock . Or you wake up at a certain time . You are gods creation you are perfect . Base your free will on what you are and not on what you think you are. I am in the same boat i bleed the same red and breath air just like you . If this is helping you . Then respond by donating to my site . ( Click on donation if you will.
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Thank you for your time


Arcturus Ra


How they work and what they do for you.

Can be used as a transmitter for distant healing just place a photo underneath the module .

It helps when clearing your aura or chackra´s.

It works for animals the same cats often feel it right away.

It enances the focus for manifestation.

It supports astral travel and brings better dream connectivaty.

It increases syncronistic events and your awareness.

It help as a Transformational tool in your ascension process.

It gives more power for meditation.

It help better for telepathy and intutive contacts.(angel or Guides)

It is always conected to the divine source .

It is a Light transmitter.

It stimulates all chackras plus enhances creativity.

You can program water or food with it . Just place it five to ten minutes next to it …done.

It is an automatic psychic shield.

Improves DNA repair and activation process.

Improves natural sleep . REM phase  . The phase where you really relax.

Enhances mind body and soul vitality . Depending on your health that takes time .

It works like a battery for your energetic system . (COSMIC COFFEE 🙂  )

Expands your consciousness.

Quicker healing ability. Not instant.

Perfect for healers rei ki and channeling.

Acelerates the awakening process.

The ideal tool for starseeds indigo´s and crystal children .

Perfect grounding against panic attacks or anxiety symptoms.

It helps to release karmic constrictions or blockages.

Clears negative energy fields within and around you .

It oscillates on a very high frequency making it unbearable for lower entities.

It harmonises your entire being.

Promote the feeling of Joy LOve extasy peace and happiness.

Gives sense of balance and a clear mind .

Better concentration.

Protects against subtle disharminious scalar waves and agianst Electromagnetic pollution such as microwaves for mobil´s.

Do not heat it up or put it in your bathtub . It is water prove . It doesn´t need any charging it works with the earth natural electromagnetic field . It is stronger when used in rituals or within power spots.   It is made out of ANTIK crystal glass and a copper plates . The symbols are chosenfor the individual need there no mass production.  They are on of a kind .These devices are like cosmic energy or elctromagnetic field crutches. They are to assist you not to overtake inany way .The healing you must do . I am not a doctor and i don´t claim anything .If you have servere problems still check a doctor . If they work for you good if they don´t then thats the reality you chose. I say i do not believe i know cause i choose to make the experience that is all that matters . If you can feel it it is real .


These models are sold out and are no longer being produced . The Upgrade to this is The check it .


Arcturus Ra,