If you feel like your dying or your life is in ruins or nothing makes sense anymore.
Do not worry this is your old Neural Cultural Operating system acting up . It is just a phase and it will for sure pass. As the earth is going through changes so is your body because you are born on this planet you are made out of the same molecules so of course your feeling is in resonance with the times .But trust me nothing can happen to you . Just be disciplined with yourself. If you donĀ“t like your old job no more then change it will do ya good.Change your eating habits .Eat lighter less fatty stuff drink green tea clean your system.Get into minerals and vitamins. The thing is simple be here in the now experience the moment for what it is become the observer. Everything you experience is unconditional . We have to stop living in our thoughts we have to stop living in the past or the future. Once we arrive in the here and now the miracle of clarity begins . You will be fine again you will remember that you are here for a reason . You are important . That you have found me is reality that you made possible . Everything is in sync. Even when some of you see double diggits on their clock . Or you wake up at a certain time . You are gods creation you are perfect . Base your free will on what you are and not on what you think you are. I am in the same boat i bleed the same red and breath air just like you . If this is helping you . Then respond by donating to my site . (.freewebs.com/paradox-720) Click on donation if you will.
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Arcturus Ra