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This story is about the time before the the existing linear time dimension we are in for the moment .

On new years eve i had a interesting vision or call extra dimensional download from the akasha net .

I was in a school of timetravelers or dimensional hoppers like JUMPERS .We where taught how to use our mobile stargates. You could carry it like a gagded attached to your belt . We would where special protective suits for multidimensional shielding to keep basically the molecules together . So when we would travel we would do it in groups like assignments. I would place the stargtate on the floor stand next to it and then i would be in another place in no time like imedeate .  Or someone like a fiend could page you on your stargate you would see the person live on a little monitor thing that is within the Gate then you would push a allowance button and place it on the floor and of course make space for the persons appearance and in notime the person would be where you are . We had a form of a highly advanced cosmic Starnet that was connected to all to the infinity (Cosmic internet) . I was traveling with a  party and i seemed to have lost my Girlfriend or better yet my soulmate back then which is or was or will be another timeline. She one day used her gate to be on her own without the class and went on with her gate to travel the different dimensions /Timelines. So was worried i wanted to find her . So i went into a world that had a crystal blue sea of energy by a bridge and many crystal city´s and domes and hovering islands above water . Everything was glowing beautifully .  SO i had a special guide ask a oracle being which is hard to describe .The oracle being was a very advanced starbeing and she could look into the different timelines and find people connecting to a emotional bond a string of love that is with you where or when ever you are .Meaning when to being s or more bond in an energetic way the bond is eternal .Everything that is was will be done is eternal once experienced and memorized.

My story is beyond what we would call angels ,timetravelers ,energy , staerbeings and so on .

SOme of us seemed to be far more complex then we even beginn to fathom . The information that will come to us and is coming to us is that complex in frequency that it probably cant be communicated in words it can only be experiencd telepathically . Meaning only when our cells are in hyperdimensional union with the information meaning we have to become the information only then we will be able to transport or transpose that to a perceivable information in this world . So with all the prediction whabe in 2012 we are not even at the tip of the iceberg and what is possible in the next coming fantastic blazing years of cosmic evolution. Imagine it has been 26765 years ruffly to make that jump these are extra ordinary times of change and chance we live in and i  have learned to cherish every moment . I am thankfull for my cosmic brothers and sisters that assist us all gently from the other side .My suggestion is for the coming events . Do not concentrae on the dieng concenetrate on the living and the creative.Turn the regular TV programming of and switch on the internet find the information that is for you and your soul in a divine purpose .That is the only way that will be stabil the rest will fall into place for evry one like clockwork the hour is on our side always the timing is perfect and designed for us every moment is perfect .Everything happens according to plan . The decision what you will do with this information rest with you for you have free will . It is our responsibility to do it nice so everyone can be happy . I am not a channel or anything special i am just you . I wish you the enlightning best ways for you in the new year 2009 and years to come from the core of my soul .I hope that for those who find me this story brings back their memories .

Logic brings you from A to B ,

Imagination brings you anywhere.

(Albert Einstein)




How they work and what they do for you.

Can be used as a transmitter for distant healing just place a photo underneath the module .

It helps when clearing your aura or chackra´s.

It works for animals the same cats often feel it right away.

It enances the focus for manifestation.

It supports astral travel and brings better dream connectivaty.

It increases syncronistic events and your awareness.

It help as a Transformational tool in your ascension process.

It gives more power for meditation.

It help better for telepathy and intutive contacts.(angel or Guides)

It is always conected to the divine source .

It is a Light transmitter.

It stimulates all chackras plus enhances creativity.

You can program water or food with it . Just place it five to ten minutes next to it …done.

It is an automatic psychic shield.

Improves DNA repair and activation process.

Improves natural sleep . REM phase  . The phase where you really relax.

Enhances mind body and soul vitality . Depending on your health that takes time .

It works like a battery for your energetic system . (COSMIC COFFEE 🙂  )

Expands your consciousness.

Quicker healing ability. Not instant.

Perfect for healers rei ki and channeling.

Acelerates the awakening process.

The ideal tool for starseeds indigo´s and crystal children .

Perfect grounding against panic attacks or anxiety symptoms.

It helps to release karmic constrictions or blockages.

Clears negative energy fields within and around you .

It oscillates on a very high frequency making it unbearable for lower entities.

It harmonises your entire being.

Promote the feeling of Joy LOve extasy peace and happiness.

Gives sense of balance and a clear mind .

Better concentration.

Protects against subtle disharminious scalar waves and agianst Electromagnetic pollution such as microwaves for mobil´s.

Do not heat it up or put it in your bathtub . It is water prove . It doesn´t need any charging it works with the earth natural electromagnetic field . It is stronger when used in rituals or within power spots.   It is made out of ANTIK crystal glass and a copper plates . The symbols are chosenfor the individual need there no mass production.  They are on of a kind .These devices are like cosmic energy or elctromagnetic field crutches. They are to assist you not to overtake inany way .The healing you must do . I am not a doctor and i don´t claim anything .If you have servere problems still check a doctor . If they work for you good if they don´t then thats the reality you chose. I say i do not believe i know cause i choose to make the experience that is all that matters . If you can feel it it is real .


These models are sold out and are no longer being produced . The Upgrade to this is The RA-KEY.com check it .


Arcturus Ra,