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Hi evryone i´ll try to keep it simple but it really isn´t so bare with me . Help me or the world to solve this puzzle.I recomend read the book “The right use of will” it is a blue book with two entangeled symbols in gold on the frontcover .

My entire life i was inspired by otherworldly things .When i came to school the first thing a did was leave the classroom and go out to the woods across the street andd sit with the trees that calmed me down and gave me a sort of peace . Evrything i did was because of my intuition . I believe i am a INDIGO child back then i had no clue . I was or i am dislexic but i pick up on foreign languages very quick . I always dreamed of flying and showing my friends how to fly and everytime they did not believe in me i was imedeatly pulled to the ground .Here is the thing i was not a genius i was always daydreaming so i had hard times maintaining the so called good grades . It was like one half of me was busy trying to find out who i was and the other one would try to cope with the so called projected reality. In the beginning i failed so i was send to the school shrink to learn how to socialise and communicate and not to be afraid to talk to people or speak my mind . Mind you i was six years of age .I was very afraid and i had constant nightmares “on the astral plain i fought shadow beings ” almost 18 years . I grew up in germany and the first time i came to New York was when i was 18 years old . That triggered a very powerfull obe experience where i saw NYC being constructed in a compressed timemode and the end picture was to pillars of light where the twin towers used to be it was a very exiting and wonderfull experience. It was like i was being prepared for the things to come . Back then i could not understand the message that was send to me .To make along story short through out the years i mooved to the staates cause i was told to do it by what ? Call it a inner voice that kinda guides you to places where you need to be and the most amazing stuf happens. I believe this happens to us all. I am beginning to feel see hear and think in patterns that all come together. I have read Doreen Virtues Book about reincarnets of diffrent kind. I found the Starseed quiz and found out why i feel a strong connection to willow trees. Then somewhere in time i had a Shamanic Experience with AYAHUASCA (If ya don´t know what it is read about it!) . Then a few things came into the clear . I had headaches and migrane attacks all my life and mental blocks wher i couldn´t think further .In my visions that i had from this substance i was told in a telepathic way that my Atlas Bone needs to be readjusted in order for my brain to function at a higher frequency. That was affecting my spine my teeth my stomache my complete left side of my body and it´s meridians.Then i found out that we all finding the same energy source . Dr . Masaru Emoto “the message from Water” found these crystals ,Drunvalo Melchizedek explained the Merkaba as an energy field then i looked at the atomic pattern of a beryllcrystall then i looked at a german book called “WAsserklangbilder by Lauterwasser” and behold i saw the same pattern emrging over and over again . They wher talking about the same energy field the western science is denying it´s existence. I went to egypt and visited all the sacred places . That triggered a sort of cosmic Download at night that was all dl to my subconciouss i could literally see the data stream and it was several streams going into my crown chackra .It is still overwhelming when it happens and i belive to some extend a lot of us are going through the same experience but we don´t know what to make of it . In my heart i know i must connect with people that can help me to fully intergrate these experiences into my life. In the last two years i feel my body energy changing my dreams become concious . I listen to Coastocoastam like nonstop all the knowledge i can get my hands on and it charges my brain. When i tried a Orgonic Chamber for the first time in my life i felt my vision changing and i felt more connected to the other side . Sometimes i feel something or somebody is near and trying to communicate with me but my preconceptions of the illusive life that i had are causing trouble for conscoius to see them . Sometimes when i feel really in tune i see another world shimmering through like a past world that used to be . I look at the sky and feel like i want to go home i feel like crying cause i don´t know where home is .The things that i see in my astral travels i paint them (.myspace.com/yamagu1) i do not know what they mean . First i thought i am going crazy but i feel more confident that it all makes sense and the more i solve the better my life functions.I wish i had the money to experiment and build the things i need to build i am looking for support in this. I have the abilty to feel the enery coming from orgonic devices a can feel trees and the earth like you would feel electric current . I can feel fruits like lemons with my hands . My thumbs are constantly buzzing i am changing step by step .Then i watched the series heroes and realized this is no coincidink that all of this is happening . The hard part is that it does not pay you to explore that is why i am looing for Sirius Supporters. I see 11:11 almost evry second day . I see 2:22 , 15.15, 22:22 . I used to be bad in Meditating practice now its crazy after five minutes i am gone with no efford .When i use Hemisync brainfrequencies it zappes my right into innerspace i wish i could learne to activate the frequenzies wher one can perceive angels and such i know it is possible. One message keeps appearing over and over “We must restore the old power”. William henry talks about blue stones and stargates we are all looking for stargates !!!
The Mayans are talking abou the human body being a Galactic portal i believe that we are the Stargates we are the portals we just have to learn how to us our will combined with our spirit and emotion right then we could go anywhere and be any thing fully concious .I heared of tales where Shamans could cross over into the spiritworld or transform and swimm with dolphins and come back to tell what they where saying . I belive that Planet Sirius A and B are very important planets or at least the energy that comes from there. We used to have 24 hour days now it is 16 hour days . They actually have to manipulate the atomic clock just to keep our Time Lying systhem running cause the universe speeds up . It is written in many ancient text that ther will be a time of no time like 00.00 hours standstill. If we where two dimensional beings and you would draw a circle around us we could never leave the circle. We are four dimensional beings walking around in a bubble of illusive time that we think we can´t leave so there fore we are stuck .When time resolves into notime it will break down reality as we know .If we do not accept that his can happen then we will loose our mind .But in the end trust your emotional body .LOve is what keeps us save . We will be save i think the rest is propaganda .And other like me out there you are loved and not alone . I order to be clear stay away from the wrong foods and from chemicals you don´t really need. Watch http://www.consciousmedianetwork.com and check wilddivine.com train your kids train yourselfes.

To all of you outhere supporters like minds starkids starseed elementals dwarfes Elfes,angels and more ….
tell me what you think . If any one responds i would be honored to hear from you .

God bless the planet and all beings on it.



When traveling peaking into other dimensions or as i would call them DIM Mansions . First of i go by the Mayans in part when it was written in ancient times that according to the belive systhem of the Mayans : The human body is a Galactic Portal and it can probably work with other galctic portal´s wether inside or external . We actually don´t need a particle accelerator and infinite amount s of eenrgy wasted when the key lies within . I believe we have jet to understand gravity and electro magnetism. In the coming years a lot of wierd stuff will be found simply because the conscious will be ready to perceive the cosmic information . THOSE WICH ARE IN THE KNOWLEDGE KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT . It is proofen by many that entheogene substances cause the same effect that Hemi sync can produce. Let us say when the Brain fluctuates at a rate of 40 hz it is possible to detach the conscious from the body .If you are not used to it it can be a scary thing plus you got to have a strong believe and forgiveness in your true self . Because that protects the blessed dimension like a guardian if you not clear you have to proove yourself mentally worthy of entering . Know who you are. It beriddles me that know such sciences seems to be out there and no help can be found when people experience this . The hard part if nobody ever told you that there is a invisible world beyond yours let a hidden layer of a Space and Time fabric it would be quit shocking to understand that there is actually more. How do you explain the world wide phenomenon that specially young children claim they can talk to elves or fairy´s or Dwarfs or Butzelmännchen in germany or Kabouter or Heinzelmänchen . Most of the description is they have goat ears (HATHOR Egytian God with Goat like ears)(Pan Greek God same ears)(Spock ) (DJINN or Genes in Arabia Persia and so on. They all look like elves in a way . Why do you think all the fairy tales we seem to know of are withe the same beings over and over again. Then we have the Movie “Athur and the Invisibles” that talkes about a african tribe tale and there neighbours live in a world you can´t eneter just like that . Then the same story i heard years ago when scientists found a skeleton of a little woman in the Atakama Dersert where ancient folktales tell a story of little people i mean litlle like 5 inches , that lived in the woods by the desert .And they hardly ever came out to visit humans because they believed it would be dangerous. Stories always beginn with A long time ago in a far away land in another time…….. that just shows me how far we have drifted from these worlds. Why is it that fantasy is more appealing to a child then logic ? Why do we use only 4 percent of the left hemisphere of our brain .Why is it that Shamans when in Trance use both hemispheres of the brain .? Is it true that most Shizophrenics have high DMT Levels in their bloodflow when not under any drugs.? Then it would be understandable for parents to bring their sick kids to a Shaman in the jungle! I truely belive when in some cases a Shaman would say a person can not be healed caus the spirit is to far gone that no doctor on earth can bring back that person.I also believe that we have to revert back to ancient healing technics like (Trauma Stress Relieve Exercise) in order to heal our systhem.I believe when you in a trance like brainstate that enables you to look literally into the Quantum world wich is the spiritworld there are a few things you need to prepare : be in a save inviromant , have nice people around you , have a salt lamp next to you it keep the room save and orgonically charged, when you want to see certain things or beings place a herkimer Diamond on top of your Third eye .With that you can adjust your Ghostly or etherical Vision . Don´t be surprised if a million thoughts and all types of crosschatter comes up . Your brain is a cosmic receiver/sender you need to learn to adjust your thought pattern then the results will be fantastic. ANother thing when the heart stops beating after 8 seconds your brain shuts down no activety but your conscious is outside watching and hearing in detail whats going on that means the mind can exist outside of the brain.If read old text Anubis book of the dead or the tibetan book of the dead thes monks and ancient priest already knew this . Western sciences does not belive in such thing as ether but it is all around us penetrades us and entangles us ( Quantum Entanglement) . I good friend of mine a Physisist told what can be apllied to a photon can not be applied to an atom or a cell that would be impossible . I say just from observing when you just look at the photon you do not see what´s really going on . Because you have taken it out of its natural context .Like cutting out the heart and trying to find the soul in the human body or cutting open the brain and finding out there is nobody home really. So i say what can be applied to a photon can be applied to a whole body . The fourth dimension to us us is Time a Time and space bubble around us . Meaning where ever you walk you are crearting reality. What if you could leave that bubble . What if you could transform your body into a information of light. YOu would vibrate at the speed of light . When you moove from there any where time does not realy exist it is a mere perception of the mind there is much more . YOu can try it yourselve. Build and orgonic chamber surround it with salt lamps sit in it 30 min. a day. Read about “the ancient teachings of the flower of life” by Drunvalo Melchesidek.Read all the Arthur E. Powell Books . Be open have a open heart be one with the universe.

On simple reason why 2012 brings the change is not our wrong time systhem but more where will our universe be if you look at the stars our local Universe will be aligned with the center of the milky ways.
I know that a few people beginn to wake up …… more coming you all will be save .
Many ancient scriptures say” and when the body is full of light you will enter the dimension of the blessed.”

Bless you and thanks for your time .